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Meet Toiletsaber

The fastest, most hygienic way to unclog a toilet. Ever.


This tool makes cleaning and unclogging toilets way easier

Plungers are disgusting so the Toiletsaber is changing the toilet clearing game

Revolutionary new tool to unclog your toilet



Works like Magic

It's as simple as rake, poke, flush!

Most toilet clogs are caused by visible obstructions (paper & poop) in the toilet bowl

The Toiletsaber was specifically designed ​to clear visible toilet clogs​ and be faster, easier, cleaner and more hygienic to use than any toilet plunger​.

Two-sided for non-scratch raking and poking

The Toiletsaber features a two-sided flexible curved head designed to first rake all of the excess waste away from the waste trap to clear the way.

Get the job done hygienically with minimum effort

Finish using the other side of the Toiletsaber to poke through the remaining clog to clear. Clean and disinfect as per instructions.


We’re dedicated to reimagining the way you unclog your toilet….but don’t just take our word for it.

I never knew I needed this in my life

Toilet plungers take too much work to clean them THOROUGHLY. I can clean this thoroughly just by wiping it!

Beymar Piraquive

College boy must have

4 boys in an apartment at college = this got tested during the first few weeks of school and passed the test! 😂

Christina Arthur

Good tool!

Hey!! Finally, something that doesn’t hold poopie water inside of it when you’re done! It unclogged the toilet!! Woo hoo!!

Robin Lowery

No more clogs or gross juice!

This works great! Definitely worth the extra few bucks!!!! And now I can get rid of the little dish that my toilet plunger sits on that the gross juice pools in. LOL

Xia Liang

Great purchase

Works as described. I also appreciate the fact that there was nothing to put together - it arrived ready to use. I have a very small bathroom and it is not in the way.

Henry Putz


Best thing ever invented!

Ron McAulay

Lives up to the hype!

This product lives up to its claims! It may take you a few tries to get used to the new "poo sword," but once you do, you won't go back. My husband has told me it was one of his favorite purchases of the year.

Cara Manning

So fresh and so clean!

This is brilliant! We used to keep our plunger in a small trash can and it smelt so bad, now I can leave this out in case a guest has an issue with the toilet. Amazing design and sleek clean look. Thank you!

Frances K. Martin

The problem with toilet plungers

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Easier, quicker and more hygienic

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