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Popular Questions

What is a visible clog?

Visible clogs are visible obstructions (toilet paper and poop) in the toilet bowl at the start of the waste trap. The Toiletsaber® was designed specifically to clear visible clogs, which are by far the most common type of toilet clog.

If there is no visible clog will Toiletsaber® still work?

If there is no visible clog this means the obstruction is farther back in the waste trap and it will not be within reach of a Toiletsaber®. In this rare instance, a toilet plunger or toilet auger would be better suited to the job.

What’s the difference between a Toiletsaber® and a toilet plunger?

The Toiletsaber® was specifically designed for visible clogs which account for over 98% of all toilet clogs. The Toiletsaber® is mess-free and eliminates the spread of harmful germs; it can also be thoroughly cleaned in seconds.

Toilet plungers are useful for clogs farther back in the waste pipe. However, because toilet plungers are messy to use and difficult and time-consuming to clean, they are better suited to instances where there is no visible clog in the toilet bowl.

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Can I buy a Toiletsaber® in stores?

Not yet. We have a very limited supply of our products and they are currently only available online (through, and Once we learn more, we will assess if and how we might offer this product in stores.